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Parenting A Child With Special Needs During Pandemic

Parenting A Child With Special Needs During Pandemic

If you are a parent of a child with special needs, you might be very stressed and anxious about the challenges you are facing now. During this pandemic, there are lots of routines that have been thrown out the window. Among all of these things, you have a child that needs support systems, certain routines, and infrastructures so that it can help and manage their needs. Just like that, parents are no longer just parents but also teachers of a child with special needs. Of course, this is in addition to;

  • Working full-time jobs
  • Parenting and helping educate other kids
  • Keeping up the house

Here are some things that might be helpful for parents;

1. Being Informed

During this time of the pandemic, know your rights as a parent of a child with special needs. In terms of their education, the local government has published a parent and student rights for what the school needs to provide during this time. This is very helpful because you will know the things you can request from the school for the education of your child even just at home.

2. Be Prepared

Before your child wakes up, get the day organized. Early dawns might be awful but use it to prepare your thoughts before facing the whole day.

3. Flexibility And Structure

Each day, follow similar agenda including when you eat lunch, work on certain agenda, and when you’re having your breaks. While the structure is necessary, you also need flexibility. If it’s easier to finish a task on the couch, finish it there. If you want to play music while getting something done, play your favorite music. There is no specific rule on these you’ll just know it as you started doing it. 

4. Communication

Be in constant communication with your child about what they need or what they feel. It could be helpful for them if you ask them about their feelings. Though everyone is facing lots of challenges parents of a child with special needs are facing more challenges during this time. Communication is always the key.

5. Have Fun

Even being just at home full of stress and anxiousness, every family member still needs some fun. When teaching your child with special needs about their lessons or school works, keep fun in the equation. You can have games and fun videos.

6. Manage Your Expectations

Homeschooling could be difficult for some children with special needs. Consider what they want to achieve within the day. Don’t stress them out by trying to get everything done.

7. The Expectations For You

Think about what you can truthfully achieve in a day with everything else happening especially if you are a working parent. You cannot complete what you can under normal situations and don’t even try, you will only discourage yourself. Just keep working and give yourself grace. Let yourself be free. Always keep in mind that you’re not alone and everyone else’s experiencing challenges just like you.