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Pandemic: Healthy Lifestyle and Helping Others

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People tend to be healthier if they eat a well-balanced diet. They are most likely to have stronger immune systems and are at lower risk of infectious diseases. Pandemic, however, is an ideal time to focus on health and prioritize nutrition for the whole family.

Here are some tips and creative adjustments for you and your family:

1. Stay Hydrated

If possible, drink 8 – 10 cups of water each day. Drinks like juice, coffee, and tea are also fine but careful of the sugar content. 

2. Eat Plenty of Vegetables and Fruit Every Day

During a pandemic, we don’t want to be going shopping more often. Here are several ideas:

  • Choose fruit that is naturally longer lasting 
  • Eat raw vegetables and fruits as snacks and desserts
  • Some fresh vegetables don’t last long 
  • Frozen and canned vegetables are good options

Keep in mind that health is not just about what you are eating but it is also about what they are saying and thinking. Several people are struggling with depression stress, loneliness, and anxiety. If you know someone who is struggling, let them know that it’s ok to reach out for counseling and psychosocial support. 

How To Help Others During Pandemic?

1. Check on Them 

Call your neighbors and friends to check on them. You may find an elderly neighbor who is not aware that they can have their groceries delivered. Also, you may discover your friend needs some emotional support. Call, video chat, or message people just to say you’re thinking of them. Let them know you’re available if they want to talk.

2. Spread Good News and Kindness

There’s a lot of bad news circulating on social media these days about the economic downturn and death tolls. There are a lot of heated discussions about politics as well. Consequently, commit to sharing a little good news and kindness. Compliment your friends, share some feel-good positive news, or send a kind note to someone you appreciate. Sharing such things could brighten someone else’s day.

3. Make Some Deliveries

You perhaps know somewhat some folks who are more susceptible to the infection than you are. You must stay home as much as possible, but it can be unsafe for people over 65 and those with compromised immune systems to even make a trip to the store. If you have the extra time or hands, consider doing a grocery run for someone who would benefit. Just leave it on their step and wear gloves when handling their bags. Even though the risk of getting infected from grocery bags is low, prior research on coronaviruses suggests it would take a full 24 hours for most of the virus particles on a bag to die off.

4. Stay Home

Even if you feel as though you’re sitting around doing nothing, staying home is the best thing you can do right now. Not only will it keep you safer, but it’ll also protect those in your community. Remind yourself that staying home is an important job in itself right now.

If you feel compelled to do something while you’re at home, then get some items ready to donate. Clean out your closets, and see if you have any clothes you can give away. You can as well go through your household goods, and see if any of these are available to be donated to people in need. Then, when it’s safe to be in the community again, donate your items to a local charity.