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Outbreak Parenting: Dealing With Your Child

Outbreak Parenting Dealing With Your Child

Upon knowing the schools, normal routines, and friendships will be affected because of the COVID-19 outbreak children might be scared. The new normal on these things could be stressful not just for adults but also for children. It must be a top priority to address the fear of your child and reassure their emotional and physical well-being.

Here’s How:

1. Talking At An Age-Appropriate Level

Don’t too much information if your child is young. It could be the reason that their imagination will go wild. Try to answer any questions they might have and tell them if you do not know the answer. If your child is older and can understand situations, you can help them find accurate information from a trusted source.

2. Answer Simple And Honest

If your child has questions, know that honesty is the best policy. There is nothing wrong with talking about safety measures that are very needed during these times.

3. Be Understanding

If you are still in quarantine with your family, your child might be disappointed because they are not able to see their friends or see other family members. Be open to these things. Understand their disappointments and explain to them that you are also missing out on special occasions and some friends.

4. Virtual Play Dates

Suggest an alternative in-person play date. Set up your children on video conferencing services such as Zoom so they can keep in touch with other family members or their friends.

5. Give Extra Affection And Love

For all of us, this could be a stressful time and we all need extra affection. Your child will surely appreciate extra kisses and hugs.

6. Establish A Very Special One-On-One Time

If the entire family member is with each other at home, dedicating a one-on-one time with each child is a great way to get a closer bond. Let your child choose an activity for you two and do it together.

7. Be Grateful

You can find things you are grateful for and share them with your child every evening. It could be about school or work accomplishment. Acknowledging gratitude and positive experiences could give a break from negative thinking and it could boost the mood of your family.


1. Create Healthy New Routines

As we all adjust to the new normal, each of us needs to create new daily schedules. Even bedtimes have already changed because there is no school the next day. You can try by being consistent and following the same schedule every day. You can also make time for activities such as family dinners and exercise.

2. Importance Of Hygiene

Handwashing now is a life-saving measure. Get your child in to the routine of handwashing every time they have been outside and come into close contact with other people. To encourage young children with this hygiene, you can come together with their favorite song while washing their hands.

3. Practice What You Preach

Young children will imitate your behavior so make sure you’re being a good example. Follow safety protocols such as social distancing and treat others with respect.