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How Will Coronavirus Pandemic Changes The Way We Live?

How Will Coronavirus Pandemic Changes The Way We Live

How life started in 2020 is some way off and there’s a large culture shift. The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect our lives in many ways even when lockdown restrictions are eased. There might be struggles on how to get back the things before and there are changes that will be permanent. 

  1. We’ll be tech-dependent 

Digital platforms have become the only way for a lot of us to work, be educated, get fit, and be entertained. We are more relaxed about screen time hours for us and our kids. There was once a meme posted saying “This meeting could have been an email.” It’s finally within reach. 

  • Will we stop buying new clothes?

Businesses that have good financial health and capable of giving customers what they need will prosper. Possible during the next months, those weaker players who are already dealing with dropping sales will fall. After lockdown in certain places, there will be an immediate sales bounce and some stores will most likely lower prices. Fashion relies heavily on shoppers and a lot of us endured buying hardly any clothes at all. It will be motivating to see if shoppers rethink their priorities and habits. 

  • Virtual lessons

There are now more than 90% of children are out of classes. Punctuated by breaks, bells, and lessons, the school day usually has its routine and rhythm. Most of the teaching has already moved online. Virtual lessons are a great way to prevent students from being infected and spreading the virus. On the other hand, there are still some who don’t have their access or devices yet which they can use for schoolwork. This temporary solution of virtual lessons may need to become long-term which is already one legacy of this pandemic. 

  • Theaters and cinemas to bounce back 

Theaters, cinemas, museums, concert halls, and galleries will thrive own the flowering of creativity. It could be their response to the dark days of the virus. There are also new converts who discovered all that splendid free arts contents made available online during the lockdown. 

  • Fewer flights could mean higher prices 

Possibly, some airlines will not survive this crisis. Those that come through it will be smaller but others could perish in the aftermath. At least in the medium term, there will be fewer flights. The trend will be driven by people and businesses having less money to spend and video conferencing becoming the new normal. There may also be nervousness about flying amidst the global pandemic. The check of your temperature as you walk through could become commonplace at airports. 

Ticket prices could rise especially of a smaller aviation market. After weeks or months of staying at home, it will be an itch to go and travel. 

Everyone is hoping that the pandemic will end soon or as soon as possible. It may be hard now because there’s still no certain vaccine but all our medical workers are working out their best to help stop the spread of the disease. Things may have changed on how we live, but there is still another side to continue with life.