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Basic Protective Measures Against COVID-19

COVID-19 is a new strain of the common cold that has been p...


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You’ve perhaps seen various shows and magazine articles talking about exotic fruits and unique herbs that can boost your immunity over the years. Inopportunely, there is no magical medication where your immune system is concerned. You will need to put an effort to get your whole body healthier. The COVID-19 makes the need for a robust immune system more important than ever. High-risk people typically have a weakened immune system. People with chronic medical conditions and people over 65 are part of the high-risk group. Having a stronger immunity is not just crucial for the current pandemic. It is also vital for fighting disease, including those that cause seasonal flu and common colds.

There are various ways to support your immune system and lower your risk for some infection, such as COVID-19. Putting a healthy diet and regular exercise on top of your list promotes health in so many ways. Below is what you can do to support your immunity against many infections;

1. Eating Orange Foods

Carrots and sweet potatoes are some of the orange-colored foods. These are rich in beta carotene, which your body converts to vitamin A. It promotes healthy tissue in the intestines, stomach, mouth, and respiratory system, protecting you from infections.

2. Quit Smoking

The tar and chemicals in cigarettes weaken your immune system, which raises your susceptibility to infections, especially COVID-19. Smoking puts you at increased risk of certain autoimmune diseases and cancer. It also causes lung disease, which is a COVID-19 risk factor. You may not be able to quit Smoking at once, but there are various tools to help you stop.

3. Cut Back Alcohol

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the dangers of excessive drinking on the body’s ability to fight off infection. While there is no relationship between alcohol and COVID-19, studies have shown that too much alcohol can cause lung damage, worsening respiratory illnesses. Alcohol may destroy microbes in your digestive tract that support your immune system. Consult a doctor on how you can cut back alcohol gradually.

4. Get More Sleep

Poor quality sleep can weaken your immunity. Sleep deficiency can lessen the production of your body chemicals that protects you from infection. Furthermore, research suggests that T-cells do a better job finding and attaching themselves to viral invaders when you are well-rested. Lack of sleep reduces this effect.

5. Be Updated With Vaccines

There’s no vaccine yet for COVID-19, so it is more important than ever to lessen your risk of other illnesses. Vaccines are helpful. They can prevent conditions that may land you in urgent care by having close contact with someone infected with COVID-19. Additionally, by preventing certain infections, your immunity won’t be temporarily weakened by them. If you are older than 50, experts recommend you to get vaccines that prevent pneumonia, seasonal flu, and shingles. You can ask your healthcare provider if there are any other things you might consider. If you already have your doctor, you can contact them about this matter.