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Chloroquine To Treat COVID-19?


The COVID-19 iswidely spread around the globe. It kills and infected thousands. The severityof the attack of this virus has increasingly become fatal. The COVID-19 is avirus strain that is spread through respiratory droplets. These droplets arecaused by sneezing and coughing. The Virus can immediately spread throughsocial contact within an approximate 3 to 4 meters. The onset of the symptomswill just show off after 2 weeks upon exposure.

The symptoms othe COVID-19 are coughing, shortness of breath and possible pneumonia. It canalso be acquired through a direct talk to an infected patient. The dropletsthat are also containing the virus can stay in objects. This infects a personthrough touching the object, touching the eyes, nose and mouth. There is noprecise duration on how long will the symptoms last but the only thing that iscertain is widespread.

How will you protectyourself from the COVID-19 virus?

  • Coveryour face or mouth when you cough or sneeze
  • Throwthe used tissues in the right disposal
  • Washyour hands with soap and hand sanitizer very often
  • Stayaway from people who are sick or unwell
  • Avoidany means of contact such as a handshake, sharing of cups and other utensils
  • Contactyour doctor if you experience any of the symptoms
  • Practiceself-quarantine if you started to experience symptoms

What is Chloroquine?

The Chloroquineis a prescribed medication that is being worked out today to be used to treatCOVID-19. This possesses the ability to treat viral infections. Chloroquine isa medication being used to treat malaria. The clinical test during theassessment of the Chloroquine has not yet approved by the FDA. However, thismedicine is being studied and continuously tested because of its ability tofight against viruses. The Chloroquine fights against parasites that attack thered blood cells.

The Chloroquineis an old malarial drug which is now studied and linked to treating theCOVID-19. This is effective in preventing the virus that can cause severe acuterespiratory syndrome. The chloroquine is already being used before as one ofthe medicine that counters the SARS-CoV. This drug is now being used in Chinaand South Korea. The inhibitory effect of this drug is being observed as ittreats the infected cells.

How do the Chloroquineworks?

Chloroquine canfight against virus-infected patients. In fact, this is already being usedbefore as one of the component drugs that treat SARS-CoV. The concentration ofthis medicine depends on the condition, age, weight and medical stability ofthe patient. The component of the chloroquine inhibits the work and growth ofthe virus in your cells. It blocs the entry of the virus and inhibits itsmaturation. This assessment is still continuously being tested up to date.

Reports fromChinese medical field have recorded patients that are treated by thechloroquine. There is a rapid decline in the common symptoms of Coronavirussymptoms such as fever. This also becomes effective in impairing theearly-stage development of the replication of the virus. Chloroquine can alsointerfere with the modification of viral properties. This drug also guards yourimmune system which is the main target of the virus.

How to use the Chloroquine?

It can be two200 mg tablets twice a day on the first day. It is followed by 1 tablet to betaken twice a day for 4 more days as recommended. However, the dosage of yourmedication must be upon the prescription of your doctor. The duration of themedication usually lasts for 4 to 8 weeks. Your doctor may lower the dose as youslowly reach the end of your recovery period. Follow each recommendation andavoid things that will affect the work of the medicine in your body.

This drug is taken orally after a meal to avoid an upset stomach. Do not take the medicine with an empty stomach because of the big possibility of the onset of side effects. Take this exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Avoid taking two dosages in case of the missed dose. Wait until the next day and administer it at the same time. You also have to wait or take other prescribed medication 4 hours ahead before taking the chloroquine. Avoid exposing yourself outside while you are in the treatment period. Available Chloroquine online.

What are the side effects ofthe Chloroquine?

There are norecorded cases of fatal side effects but continue to follow precautions. Mildside effects are common as your body responds to the medication. Here are thelight side effects of the Chloroquine:

  • Lossof appetite and nausea
  • Skinrash, and vomiting
  • Lightheadednessand headache
  • Stomachpain and diarrhea

These sideeffects do not come one at a time or may not come at all. There are alsopossible severe side effects that may need medical attention. These are:

  • Lowblood pressure and bleeding
  • Muscleweakness, signs of liver disease
  • Visionchanges and tingling of ears
  • Seeinglight flashes or streaks
  • Difficultybreathing

You mayexperience side effects that are not on the list. In the case of such asituation tell your doctor right away.

Precautions on or beforetaking the Chloroquine

  • Childrenbelow 8 years old are not allowed to take this medicine. Wait for your doctor’sprescription because children are prone to side effects of the drug.
  • Thisis not allowed for breastfeeding and pregnant women. However, your doctor mayallow you in minimal dosage.
  • Avoidfrom exposure to radiation as this medicine can cause vision problems
  • Tellyour doctor if you have existing diseases especially if it is related to yourrespiratory organ
  • Avoidalcoholic beverages and other drugs that may affect the work of the drug
  • Informyour doctor about other medications you are taking including vitamins,minerals, or dietary supplements. It is a piece of important information tocarry with you in case of emergencies.
  • Keepthis medication at room temperature far from excess heat and moisture. You alsohave to keep it away from the reach and sight of children and pets.